Active listening [HAL]

MBWIRANDUMVA INITIATIVE During regular HAL trainings in a week

A Traumatic situation is one where the person experiences or witnesses an event that involved actual or threatened death , or serious injury. The person’s response involves intense fear, helplessness or horror. In children this may be expressed by agitated or disorganized behaviour. The person either knows or believes that he or she, or others in the situation, may be injured or killed. Great danger is involved and the person feels powerless 

Trauma counselling is the foundation on which other developments may be built

The women's practice

agony and recovery

on daily basis at


Due to what happened no body can describe the events that really took place.

It was too much and too painful. some women are afraid to talk about what they really experienced. Others prefer to keep everything to themselves. This is even more heartbreaking.

However, in all this sickening situation, some women have come forward to describe the mayhem  that they saw or experienced MBWIRANDUMVA has given those women some social support. It has given them food,clothes,shelter and medical treatment. In addition, COUNSELLING is done on a daily basis.they are also given income generating micro-projects to support themselves

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