Beatrice MBABAZI

Senior Trauma Counselor and Vice coordinator

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Counselling is a process. We have been doing trauma counselling since 1997. The women that I have counselling are 3/4 of the women that are in our association of over 20000 women and 1000 children. These women have improved since I started meeting them. Most of the women had refused to do anything in their life because of trauma. In this case as a counsellor, I would provide guidance for the prevention of crisis that bring trauma. Most of the time, their trust has been betrayed. They take their time to learn to trust all over again. As a counsellor, I have to prepared and prayerfully take time and positively accept my client; in order to help her or him.

The methods that I use for counselling in the association, I group these women in 3 categories:

-Individual counselling

-Group counselling

-Drop In Clients