Facts and Figures


Since its inception, MBWIRANDUMVA has helped many beneficiaries in a variety of ways:
In social welfare:It has helped more than 6,000 widows and orphans;
Social-economy:More than 3,500 women have been trained in entrepreneurship, and have been given financial support for funding small-scale entrepreneurship and management projects.
In education:More than 100students finished high school and more than 20 graduated in university.
In vocational training: MBWIRANDUMVA has trained about 4,200 vulnerable youth and now some 2/3 of them have a monthly salary and others are starting their own businesses.
Up today, MBWIRANDUMVA TVET School annually trains about 100 vulnerable youths in tailoring and hairdressing skills. Although last year we encountered COVID-19pandemic, which ruined the education of our students and cause the delays which leads to fall down of what we have already planned and fall in backwards, we are working hard to attain the minimum standard we were working and now we have about 60 students completed in few months ago and all of those outgoing students have got paid jobs.