Trauma Counseling

We do counselling to our women both individually and in groups. Most of them have trauma complications relating to physical assault, while others are HIV positive due to rape. I find counselling a challenging job because at times it is difficult not to break down personally as I listen to certain accounts of violence endured by the clients. However, we have restored many clients to normal life; and they are integrating well in society. This encourages us to carry on with our difficult task regardless. Trauma Counseling is a method that is especially used to treat emotional and mental wounds where the victims carried out different symptoms of trauma in a variety way: Some choose to remain silent; others shout so loudly, others choose to commit suicide by using drug, alcohol, smoking cannabis and taking it in an unusual, Others begin to neglect to clean themselves because they feel that everyone hates them.



The above photo show vulnerable women beneficiaries during counselling at MBWIRANDUMVA office located at Kimihurura.



The above 2 groups attended counselling and they are sharing opinions and experience of life that they are exercising now to get out of trauma.