Testimonial for Trainees

These photos show students who have graduated from the MBWIRANDUMVA Initiative in Tailoring and Hairdressing skills and are now created their own businesses,

others have been found monthly paid jobs that give them salary.  MBWIRANDUMVA has also been able to hire some of them who are now helping to implement its assignments.


The above photo shows woman called KANYUMBA Francine, is one of the students who attended vocational training in tailoring at MBWIRANDUMVA TVET School

and is now given the job of teaching tailoring skills at the school.

She asserts that studying is beneficial for her because she is paid a monthly salary and help her earn a living for her family, and she is grateful for the knowledge she has gained              


The two photos shown above are our graduate students in hairdressing skills at MBWIRANDUMVA TVET School, Their names are: BIHOYIKI Rosine and UWAMAHORO Fofo,

both were able to set up their own hair salon and are serving their clients with customer care, selling other cosmetics, hair products, as well as other hairdressing salons can come

and buy easily, they have a plan to expand their activities at the point where they want to be women entrepreneurs in Rwanda by professionally educated and encourage unemployed

youth to approach them and teach how to develop without waiting for what their parents give them. So, these girls have a desire to change the mindset of some people who think that

women are not able to do all the works attributed to men but is not the case because, when they are given the same opportunity, they do well and achieve their goals. That is why they

are grateful for the knowledge they have gained from the MBWIRANDUMVA Initiative because it has helped to develop themselves through using the acquired skills in salons but they

need a fund support to strengthen their business and provide jobs to their colleagues so that the contribution to nation is made.


     This girl is called TUYIZERE Clemence, she is one of the beneficiaries of MBWIRANDUMVA TVET School, she did hairdressing, then after she got a paid job as shown in

the above photo. In her testimony she gave to us, she believes that the vocational skills she has learned is the source of her achievements because now she can buy whatever

she wants without waiting outside. She advises her girlfriends to pursue the vocational training schools because they provide practical and necessary skills at work quickly,

thus preventing them from being deceived by men and resulting in unplanned pregnancies and other risks that lead to temptation due to lack of money. In her wish,

Clemence admits to set up her own business through saving she did, it will change her life economically better as she can hire other jobseekers.


The above photos are for NTAWIHAKANA Anne, is our graduate student in 2018 in tailoring, she has created her own sewing shop at Kacyiru near the tax park, in her testimony

she believes that she has a target to expand her business through introducing new different style models of clothes. She is encouraging other girls to take initiative to attend

vocational skills training (TVET Schools) because these schools impart direct skills needed on the labor market. She added that you stay at home no one will respect

you because you are like idle but if you keep work with zeal, your future is certain, your plan looks like to be achieved because the foundation is already started.

She concludes by calling on all unemployed girls to go to vocational schools because they are the ones which provide the necessary skills on the labor market, instead

of being fed at home waiting for what their parents are giving or asking for money from men and thus leading them to fall in getting unplanned pregnancies and other sexually transmitted infections.



This woman is called UWAMAHORO Consolée is one of the students who attended the practical skills training in 2015 at MBWIRANDUMVA TVET School in Hairdressing.

In the testimony she shared with us, so she told us that she had come from somewhere and where she wanted to reach, today and she is thankful to God for his help that there

was something she had gained through her vocation.

Today the woman has a hairdressing salon, she has a co-worker who she has hired to help her to provide better services to her clients, she only has a problem with not having enough

equipment investment but she is confident that she will achieve it but if she gets help it would be great because she wants to expand her workplace so much so that her customers

are well cared. Another important thing for is that she is proud of being a woman entrepreneur and has plan to go and provide employment for young people.



This woman, identified as KIBARONZE Valerie, studied tailoring and hairdressing at MBWIRANDUMVA TVET School. This widow came to study and was sent by the Kacyiru sector because she was a poor man who lived in difficult life because she has lost her husband who assisted her to get basic needs including food, shelter, medical insurance (mutuel de santé) etc. educated without a school allowance, she was helped to study and what was of great benefit to her because she can now support herself and her family. Upon hearing that MBWIRANDUMVA TVET School was teaching vocations, she approached the sector administration and they gave her a signed attestation confirms that he is an underprivileged poor who needs help and she also brought it to MBWIRANDUMVA and immediately started studying. Since the woman immediately started studying and now, she has just completed her training and is starting to make money by sewing her clients ’clothes, she has no problem living because she can support her family and is no longer in the poverty line as she used to be without vocational training skills.


The above photos show one of the students who graduated from MBWIRANDUMVA inHairdressingand Beauty Technicsand she is called MUREKEYISONI Libérée, she was given a teaching job in hairdressing class to train students how to properly comb their hair according to the client's model he/she wants and explain them the instructions before the service. As we see here above in this photo, it is clear that this trainer is giving a hairdressing course to students during practicing in the salon and how they have to shave the client depending on the model they want to be served.

In the testimony of this woman, she undoubtedly testifies the clear and important role of vocational schools because she sees it as the future solution for the youth so that they can get out of poverty. "It simply came to our notice then”. I thank the MBWIRANDUMVA Initiative and its management for its far-sighted thinking that young people need a place to look for a long-term livelihood and set up a vocational training school for young people to get out of poverty quickly without waiting for begging or going through other wrong paths.It’s a big step and we all want it to keep moving forward and never going backwards because it’s in the best interest of many vulnerable young girls and boys.


These photos above represent students and MUREKEYISONI Libérée in practice, she is showing how they apply skills that she has taught them and how they will use it when they will provide services where they will work after graduation.

It is the choice of MBWIRANDUMVA TVET School to put more effort on teaching practical things rather than theories i.e., actions must be more than words. That’s why MBWIRANDUMVA TVET School has decided to insist on vocational training skills since it began its vocational training with a focus on practice because it is what trainees need and indeed, the practical skills are the ones wanted to be taken to the labor market. It is a good choice because the Rwandan government has also prioritized the teaching of practical skills because it is what is needed today for planning the coming future of our generation so that the problem of youth unemployment can be solved and a lasting solution to the fight against ignorance among young people.


One of the most important activities that needs to be intensified is the development of the youth through providing them the practical skills with no one left behind, that is why in the photos shown above there is a young man who called NDAYIZEYE Radjabu who has made significant progress and aims to set up a sewing workshop house with enough equipment.

He told us that he had started saving some of his sewing money and he is planning to buy modern sewing machines so that he could make all the sewing models.

He feels confident that he will achieve this based on the steps he has taken, and commends the leadership of MBWIRANDUMVA for continuing to help the needy youth who are suffering to teach and train them in vocational training skills so that they can move out of poverty and move forward. "We, the youth of MBWIRANDUMVA, are very grateful for the knowledge it has given us and take us out of the miserable life we were living and we ​​now live as young men and women who can make a living and help our families in general," he said