Micro-Projects Funding

Since MBWIRANDUMVA began its work to assist those at risk and help to get life again women &girls who have experienced rape and violence resulted from the genocide against Ever since MBWIRANDUMVA began its work to assist those at risk and help to get life again women &girls who have experienced rape and violence resulted from the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994, MBWIRANDUMVA Initiative has found itself a lasting solution of empowering them through providing financial support and entrepreneurship skills training as sustainable approach to change their life conditions they were living in order to leave out of extreme poverty and isolation they had already living after the loss of their families. So, these methods were: Providing training to beneficiaries on self-employment through short-term and non-profit loans, so the money was given to a group of women who put it together and used it for a year, and then returned it to another group of women targeting to give to another group after using it too, that funding method is named as rotative fund support. This kind of grant has helped a large number of women as more than 5,000 women have been helped leave out of extreme poverty after receiving the grant, they have started activities generating income revenue which has impacted employment to those women practicing small businesses and now they are thriving, their families are prosperous despite the impact of COVID19, but they have not stopped doing their work again. Over the past 25 years, although the organization has faced the challenge of declining of funds from our partners as the years go by, it is clear that even today, there is little financial capacity means for the organization to continue to help other women who are suffering because don’t have nowhere else to get startup capital to grow their business. Furthermore, the capital needed is provided by financial institutions so to get collateral is too much for them because they never did any deposit in banks that they can request loan in lending institutions. We truly thank all the benefactors who help us continue to serve the needy Rwandans and we respect those who have helped us over the years because it has shown us that God loves the poor where no one can protect them. Here are some photos of women doing activities generating income.


The above photos show vulnerable widows beneficiaries benefiting fund support and now are selling beans at Kimironko market, another group is doing handcraft and it has visited by MBWIRANDUMVA team member.



The above photos show beneficiaries are receiving gifts and donations by MBWIRANDUMVA legal representative during wishing them New Year.


The photos above represent some young beneficiaries who pursue the tailoring training skills and now they set up their own sewing shop where they make different style model design of clothes and hand bags.


These photos above show some of the students who have studied hairdressing and beauty techniques in MBWIRANDUMVA and are now starting to work on their own due to the knowledge and entrepreneurship skills they have gained from MBWIRANDUMVA.