MBWIRANDUMVA TVET Centre is registered under MBWIRANDUMVA Organization Initiatives which is the promoter of the Training Centre. 

The main objective will be therefore to create a sustainable, quality-oriented and demand driven TVET Center within Tailoring, HandCraft and hairdressing&beauty   to the cause of building a highly efficient knowledge society which will ultimately churn out highly trained manpower, year after year fastening the vast development activities proposed in the country.

The MBWIRANDUMVA Initiative management offers set up its own TVET Center under the umbrella of the RWANDA TVET BOARD (RTB) and Rwanda Polytechnic as well as the local Government that governing & monitoring bodies of the TVET system in Rwanda.

Education skills is essential for economic and social development of a country. Having a well-trained, motivated and adaptable workforce is a key. Rwanda suffers from deficiencies in terms of technical professions. Thus, an emphasis must be put on vocational and technical training. To respond to this objective, MBWIRANDUMVA TVET CENTER is a Training Center with the purpose of providing high quality of vocational skills. The Training Center begins its operations earlier year of 1996. MBWIRANDUMVA TVETCENTER. The idea of creating the MBWIRANDUMVA TVETCENTER is due to the fact that in nowadays a big number of youth and adults are very interested to vocational and Technical work. In addition, the existing vocational Training Centers in Rwanda are still few and consequently they cannot satisfy the current demand. Furthermore, the market labour is also still missing people that have vocational and technical skills to perform technical works. 

The day-to-day management of the Training Center will be done by the Training Center Manager that will be subordinated by the 2 deputy Training Center managers, one in charge of trainings, the second in charge of administration and finance.

MBWIRANDUMVA TVECENTER targets youth who finish the nine- and twelve-years basic education, trainees who drop out trainees who don’t completed a level of Training Center and who are unemployed but who are willing to learn vocational and technical trade, youth and adults who have dropped out of their studies for any reason but who are today willing to be trained in any vocational and technical work. Furthermore, the Training Center will not be limited to local market, but also the outside the Country since the Training Center is located near the two neighbouring districts namely Nyarugenge and Kicukiro district of Kigali city. The MBWIRANDUMVA management proposes that TVET education solution focuses on the remedy to the following gaps, namely:

A. Quality and Quantity:

  • Implementing a comprehensive Competency-Based-Training-CBT curriculum to entrepreneurship in teaching and learning
  • Capacity building for the training of Tailoring, Hairdressing and beauty staff
  • Improving quality of training candidates to make them more practical-hands-on and employable
  • Improve the life skills that include: Entrepreneurship and work-readiness, communication, business skills for the trainees.

B. Access and Capacity:

  • Increase the number of youths gaining practical-hands-on skills linked to the global industry TVET standards.

C. Industry Alignment and Out-Reach:

  • Provision of modern and world-class related training equipment and tools
  • Implementation of WPL: Apprenticeship, Industrial Attachment/Internship and Industrial- Based-Training (IBT).
  • Provide the courses linked to the industry focus
  • Include upcoming new Tailoring, Hairdressing and beauty industrial trades

The proposed School will be named “MBWIRANDUMVA TVETCENTER”. The Center will support skills development through Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the field of Tailoring, Handcraft and Hairdressing and beauty. The following table highlights the Centre’s mission, vision, beneficiaries, scope, strategy, promise, spirit and values as well as its uniqueness.


Objective            To equip youths and Rwandans at large with relevant skills through TVET in the occupations drawn from the tailoring, Hairdressing and beauty Sector.

Mission               Becoming a leading driving force in promoting youth positive values to make excellent citizens and the Country’s Economic Development

Vision                 A renewed youth that is physically, morally and spiritually healthy, dynamic,Productive for a country’s better future.

Beneficiaries       The beneficiaries of the Center are:  Youth from both formal and informal sectors and other members of the Rwanda’s society upon their wish.

Scope         Skills Development and Capacity Building

Strategy              Integration of young people in the process of sustainable Socio-Economic development

                         People Promise:

▪ Succeed together

                      Planet Promise:

▪ Positive impact

                   Partner Promise:

▪    Mutual value creation

                   Profit Promise:

▪    Self-Sustainability

                  Values                 Inclusiveness, Solidarity, Obedience, Professionalism and Self-   reliance

The centre is designed to produce quality graduates, with employability skills that respond to the changing demands of employers and the country’s labour market, providing them with the opportunity to engage in decent work, work for them-selves and engage in life-long learning.

The current gender inequalities in TVET and barriers to access to TVET for all will also be critically considered. The school will invest in supportive strategies to make TVET available to all members of the community, to not only increase the participation but also to improve outcomes, particularly focusing on those groups that have been traditionally under-represented, especially girls/women.

The centre facilities are designed according to the TVET standards and will train students in a variety of basic vocations and the study will also include supplemental studies to strengthen basic subjects, especially studies that cover basic instruction on economics and business administration, designed to promote the local economy by laying the foundation for viable small businesses. The latter in turn will serve to lower the extreme high unemployment in Rwanda.  The day-to-day management of the school will be the sole responsibility of its management.


It is clear that the MBWIRANDUMVA TVET CENTER is going to contribute to country vision regarding empowering people with skills that are very much relevant to the labour market. MBWIRANDUMVA TVET CENTER plans to provide to the unskilled and unemployed population as well as trainees who have completed nine years of basic education and those who have completed secondary Training Center who are unable to obtain employment vocational and technical skills that will offer them opportunity to create their own job or to be employed in the future.

Furthermore, MBWIRANDUMVA TVET CENTER is needed in every aspect of our national life. The problem of juvenile delinquency and crime can be reduced if the youths are given the necessary vocational training that will keep them busy. In developed world, vocational and technical education is regarded as a wise investment. It is believed by many people that through vocational and technical education and training, boys and girls as well as adults will be trained to acquire requisite skills that will enable them secure employments, which will be beneficial to themselves and the society.

So, efforts should be made by public and private institutions to contribute to this initiative of Beatrice MUKANSINGA in order to be fully implemented as it is clear that it has a vital contribution to socio-economic development of Rwandan population.